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Atomstate Implements Customized BI platform for StratMed- a leading healthcare GPO start-up.

The Client

StratMed is an Indian startup that is digitizing purchases made by healthcare providers by bridging a gap between suppliers and healthcare providers in the form of a SaaS platform.

The Challenge

Stratmed wanted to have a robust business intelligence (BI) layer to take better data-driven decisions internally and as well as for their client. For example, number of SKUs sold by a pharma company like Novartis to a hospital(s) in a city or multiple cities. The backend datastore is Mongo Atlas.

Their biggest issue was manual data wrangling in the form excel sheets. Today’s customers need fast information to improve efficiencies. Since StratMed didn’t have a BI layer, they had to manually perform ad-hoc queries, export the results to an excel sheet from multiple collections, validate and correlate them and finally share it with their end clients. It took 3-4 days’ worth of time for them. It was affecting their client’s decision-making velocity.

The StratMed team didn’t want to invest in 3 rd party BI platforms like PowerBI, Jaspersoft, etc. There were a couple of reasons. (1) These tools are expensive and open-source editions doesn’t have required functionalities. (2) Keeping future in mind, they may have variety of datastores, a greater number of users, etc. They didn’t want to constrain themselves with such blockers.

The Solution

Atomstate has built a BI platform from scratch leveraging open-source tech stack consisting of ExpressJS, D3.js, ReactJS, MongoDB, and GraphQL. It has been delivered to StratMed in their cloud environment.

Our solution has specifically delivered the following

  • Extensible - Since it is a purpose-driven and custom-built BI platform, it is extensible. StratMed can add any number of data source integrations in the future.
  • Query Editor - A query editor with in-depth filtration offers exactly the response the client is looking for. It also has the option of saving a query.
  • Access logging - Role-based access control and access logging have been instituted. All events are monitored for auditing purposes.
  • Latest Stack - The platform is built on latest stack of JS ecosystem.
  • Export to files - The results are exported in PDF and excel formats for offline usage.

The Impact

  • Data wrangling has reduced from 3-4 days to an on-demand model. The team is now dedicating their time to pressing tasks and issues.
  • The team is not constrained with factors such as licenses, number of users, etc. The platform has given them the freedom.
  • A real time sync has been established between data source and dashboards. The users have been getting fresh data without the need to refresh.
  • The StratMed team is responding to their clients quickly instead of taking 3-4 days of time.

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