About Us

Engineers with empathy focused solely on people.

Our Methods

We are a remote organization with a family that thrives with diverse skills. Our people have complete freedom to implement their ideas to bring impact for our clients. We encourage our folks to experiment, learn and implement the best practices for our clients. Our motto is making your complex challenges into a reality that’s seamless.

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At Atomstate, it doesn’t end with projects and work. It is about building a deeper understanding and enabling your success. Location is never a disadvantage as we will be in touch wherever you are. We will constantly share our skills and knowledge at every juncture. We are on our way to institutionalize knowledge-based economy at scale.

Our Mantras

Our mantras are the core of everything we do. Each mantraenables us to deliver amazing impacts to our clients while staying true to oneself.

Fire in the belly

Inspire everyone around you with your passion for improvement. Institute best practices for your colleagues and clients to improve their life. Be a trailblazer.

Being humble

Egos don’t take you anywhere. They only take you backward. Always be humble in your life and at work. It propels you to greater heights.

Take the ownership

Don’t pass responsibilities around. Take the ownership and deliver the goods. Then observe the thrill of getting things done.

Be authentic

Authenticity gives you a unique personality cult. Don’t let plagiarism and fake attributes ruin your unique personality.

The big picture

Always remember the big picture and be in control of it. It is absolutely fine to make mistakes in the journey but never ever lose the vision and purpose.

Be iterative

Deliver in iterative mode. Quickly regroup and analyze your deliveries for improving the next cycle of deliveries. Embed agile practices in real life too.


Always contribute your knowledge for the betterment of everyone and make your presence felt in knowledge-based economy.

Our Places

We are growing fast.


THub2.0, Knowledge City, Hyderabad- 500081,
Telangana, India.


20 Cecil Street, #05-03 Plus,
Singapore 049705.

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