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Atomstate Implements a cloud native vendor intelligence platform for a Indian MNC construction major.

The Client

The client is one of the largest Indian construction major in India and it has operations in several countries.

The Challenge

The client’s business wanted a vendor intelligence platform to track the performance vendors across its portfolio.

They had two data sources- salesforce CRM and SAP ERP. So, if a team member wants to understand a specific data insight, he/she must juggle between these two data sources, retrieve the data, and apply logic by themselves. For example, they could retrieve a dataset and apply machine learning to understand the pattern. These approaches were ad-hoc, and user experience felt like a black box.

The client’s mandate was to build a vendor intelligence platform with a clean UX that can seamlessly connect and fetch data from multiple data sources. On top of which, multiple queries could be applied and visualized.

The Solution

Atomstate has built a vendor intelligence platform from scratch leveraging open-source tech stack consisting of, D3.js, ReactJS, GraphQL, AWS Appflow, AWS SSO, AWS API Gateway, AWS S3, AWS Athena and AWS Sagemaker. It has been deployed in their cloud environment.

Our solution has specifically delivered the following

  • Extensible - Since it is a purpose-driven and custom-built vendor intelligence platform, it is extensible. The client can add any number of data source integrations in the future.
  • Solution Architecture - Our team has come up with solution architecture for this platform after a lot of brainstorming with the team. The goal of the architecture to offer high availability with cost savings.
  • User Experience - We have designed user experience (UX) screens after conducting multiple interviews with the clients, vendors, and other intended users of this platform.
  • ML Intelligence - The platform is infused with intelligence where ML models have been applied by Sagemaker on the data available at data sources.
  • Query Editor - A query editor with in-depth filtration offers exactly the response the client is looking for. It also has the option of saving a query.
  • Access logging - Role-based access control and access logging have been instituted. All events are monitored for auditing purposes.
  • Latest Stack - The platform is built on latest stack of JS ecosystem.

The Impact

  • Stakeholders can view data at a single place without jumping across multiple data platforms.
  • Users can leverage data and apply intelligence on it for realizing more value to the business.
  • Can attach any number of data sources to the platform and apply intelligence to it.

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