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We convert complex thought process to designs embedded with fluidity.

Simple is wholesome. It’s our motto and it drives us to better our process.

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Bespoke Practice

UX cannot be done in a hurried manner and with copy-paste methods. Our UX folks find the best way to deliver the goods.


Our designs impact multiple entities ranging from users till organizations. Hence, we double-down on designs that are accessible and offers ease of use.


Our agile support team works with your internal agile squads to take them to the next level.

Our UX services are segregated into three buckets.


We literally dig through information and reams of data to find the voice of an organization’s consumer.

Qualitative Exploration

Engaging with user psyche. Every user is different. The more we poke, the better our approach becomes.

Quantitative Exploration

Our sample user group size tends to be more than handful. More interviews results in better scientific temperament and results.

Heuristic Observations

Our experts do a peer review on the usability of designs based on design principles. They relay their observation upon further fine tuning happens.

Usability Testing

A plan must be implemented. Similarly, a design must be delivered at a prototype level to consumers. Gather feedback from consumers on the designs. Without consumer insight, designs are of no use.

Ethnographical Exploration

Every consumer lives in a unique environmental setting. It is important to understand how a design performs in unique environments. It gives a different dimension to user research.

Competitor Landscape

It is pivotal to understand the psyche of your competitors. Our UX exploration services understand your competitors, observe what they are doing and how they are doing. This exercise will better our approach on designs.


Product Roadmap

It is important to understand the purpose of work. A product roadmap offers that visibility into what features we are designing and why we are designing those features.

Branding Optimization

What is the use of well-designed product if it has no takers? Our branding folks work with you in taking you closer to your consumers and ensure the product gets lapped up by the users.

Data Visualization

We will put the reams of user survey data to work in our data lake. We construct visualizations like BI to make stakeholders understand the impact of designs. It offers us the ability to refine the design models.


It is our initiative in ensuring there is a proper alignment between physical and digital experiences. Our team ensures user experience is uniform across channels. This service is for clients who have a presence across digital and physical mediums.


This is a collaborative phase where all respective stakeholders pitch in with their thought process. The end goal is a scalable design that can impact millions of lives in a positive manner.

User Experience Design

Construct a holistic, highly usable, and properly formatted user experience embedded with robust design principles and standards.

Interaction Optimization

Simple is better. User interactions must be simple and consume lesser number of steps. Optimize the user interactions in your product.

User Interface Design

First impression is the best impression. A good design that’s visually soothing and appealing always attracts eyeballs. We take it further by making the experience enjoyable.

Illustrations & Iconography

Icons and illustrations brings fun into user experience design. We ensure the user experience is never boring. We design custom illustrations and icons for your products that meet the requirements.

Motion Graphics

A well-crafted motion graphics can make the product standout from the competition. Our team stitches a good story behind a motion graphic that delivers the right punch.

Fidelity Prototypes

Build fidelity prototypes out of the screens and deploy them in real time environments. We will gather the feedback and optimize the designs further.

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