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Experiment and then go big!

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Our play

Our engineers work with you to take you over the finish line during the software delivery lifecycle transformation.


Our ethos always encourage experimentation before going big. Our DevSecOps engineers will guide you during this stage by doing the following

  • Strategizing on the applications to be experimented on DevSecOps automated software delivery pipeline

  • chart out the DONE criteria.

  • Define the metrics to be tracked.

  • Architect the DevSecOps pipeline to test the applications.

  • Tune the performance and monitor the metrics.

  • Also come out with probable cost outcomes.

Migration Roadmaps

A migration exercise must be carried out properly. Otherwise, there will be a feeling of dissatisfaction from everyone. Our planning and DevSecOps experts help you avoid such ill-feelings on migration by

  • Coming out with perfect fitment of migration path of workloads and databases from desktop-based or siloed DevSecOps pipelines to a centralized DevSecOps pipelines.

  • Reduce the overall risk by documenting an in-depth migration plan.

  • Bring every stakeholder to a common page and implement the plan with proper governing mechanism.

Migrate & Modernize

The DevSecOps transformation journey would bring modern ways of delivering features to consumers. Our folks help you achieve success with sound strategies.

  • Make your pipeline-as-a-code that can be version controlled. Apply the best practices of software engineering such as merge request to your pipeline code.

  • Create pipelines that support your application workload modernization strategies such as containerization with orchestration..

  • Create pipelines that support cloud-only or on-premises only or a hybrid environment.

  • Implement no-touch automated pipelines that delivers the goods.

  • Continuously monitor the usage and optimize the pipelines based on the usage patterns.

Our Approach

Our standard process involves


It is important to get your feet wet with exposure on what lies ahead. Our teams will conduct effective workshops that suits your requirements before jumping in the migration journey.

Live assistance

Implement zero downtime during migration and prepare teams for post go-live success.

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