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Draw a roadmap for your DevSecOps journey.

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Our play

Powering and enabling you to make the right software delivery decisions by speeding up the journey. Our technical folks will help you navigate through technology and financial analysis.

Rope in our seasoned tech folks to work along with you to chart out a DevSecOps journey beginning from initiation, solutioning and plan for a successful transformation.

GAP Analysis

Our people will help you in three crucial aspects.

  • Understand the existing architecture, application landscape, processes, communication loops, stakeholders, technology, velocity, pain points among multitude of factors.

  • the desired target state.

  • Build a roadmap journey with work items ranging from initiatives till sub-tasks to achieve the desired target state.

TCO analysis

Understanding cost and usage patterns is extremely crucial. Our solution architects continuously optimize the processes to keep the costs down.

  • Get a microscopic view on the financial impacts a software delivery is making.

  • Iterate on approaches to make the cost of developing features is brought down.

  • Get a deep-dive estimation of estimated cost in a simplistic visual interpretation for FP&A stakeholders.


Our solutioning team will plan out a path for you to modernize your SDLC lifecycle.

  • Understand the requirements and as-is scenario.

  • Go through multiple platforms and frameworks that fit best to requirements.

  • Chart a journey that balances modernity and existing investments.

Our Approach

Our standard process involves the below


Scan through the as-is infrastructure, application landscape, processes, scenarios, costs, and architectures.


Work iteratively on the solution architectures by balancing requirements, costs, well- architected frameworks and desires.


Create a summary of initiatives, decisions, threat models, work items, strategies, and recommended actions.

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