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Staying efficient is the name of the game.

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Our play

Penetrate data into every stream of your business. Bring up data engines that assists in assembling up an integrated data strategy.


  • Our engineers and data scientists assist in ingesting data from multiple data sources like sensors, APIs, etc using streaming analytics.

  • Set up data lake that captures every customer interaction and enable marketing teams to deliver customized approach.

  • Understand how your employees are faring in your organization, understand their engagement levels, KPIs, and attrition using HR analytics.

  • Fetch cost and usage reports of SaaS, cloud, payables, etc into your data stores to deliver more power to FP&A departments.

Powering ML

  • Leverage our seasoned ML experts to deliver beyond data by developing ML engines, algorithms and ML pipelines.

  • Build custom ML models and test them in multiple environments before taking them to production.

Financial Optimizations

  • Prioritize and deliver data work items that bring better RoI.

  • Re- architect the data lake on severe performance issues that needs drastic transformation.

  • Bring in Cost and Usage pattern analytics culture for taking data driven decisions.


Bespoke workshops to get your feet wet in understand and adopting data engineering standards. It will be a hands-on workshop that reflects the needs.

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