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Staying efficient is the name of the game.

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We bring in latest practices such as API based infra provisioning to effect improvements and optimize the cloud.

Infra must never be a roadblock in your GTM strategies. Instead, it must be an enabler. Our approach transforms infra as an enabler for your GTM.

Architecture governance

  • Architect a well-architected framework.

  • Conduct architecture governance sessions with the teams.

  • Monitor the costs and optimize it.

  • Create a roadmap based on vision, growth and budgets.


  • Understand the current landscape.

  • Bring forward a bespoke SDLC architecture that suits the scenarios and processes.

  • Bring a cloud-native CICD culture by adopting best platform, standards, and practices.

  • Reward the performers and help seep in the sprint culture.

  • Bring in a visibility mechanism that gives complete understanding of what’s happening.

  • Describe infrastructure as a code.


Bespoke workshops to get your feet wet in DevSecOps world. It will be a hands-on workshop.

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