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A business must focus on how to augment the CX for their end consumers.

Taking care of data and environments is a non-core activity. We will take of your data environments while you manage the CX.

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Our play

We provide 24*7 managed services to manage and scale your infrastructure to you. Our technical account managers, cloud architects and engineers will work round the clock in taking care of your infrastructure.

24*7 Cloud Support

  • Respond and Resolve issues within agreed SLA timelines.

  • Configure alerts and triggers to a microscopic level for faster resolution.

  • No matter the size of your business and complexity�we got your back. Our bespoke support services has you covered against raging incoming traffic.

  • Snapshotting and Restoration.

  • Logging of database access, API call logs, etc to a logging repository.

Data Environment Scanning

  • Scan for sensitive information such as database credentials in code repositories and cloud environments.

  • Put in place security governance, database server level configurations, and database encryption requirements.

  • Institute industry standard RPO and RTO.

  • Ensure the database are highly available.

Data Governance

  • Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly reporting.

  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly retrospective meetings to fix gaps and improve efficiency.

Resource Paradrop on-demand

  • Need more hands for a quicker delivery? No worries. Bring us in and we will help you deliver faster.

  • Need guidance on architectures? No worries. Bring us in and we will review and refine the data lake architecture for a robust implementation.


We onboard every client and understand technical and business drivers. We will understand the data needs of an organization, improve performance and build our operations workflow around it.


We will share weekly, monthly and quarterly reports with our clients. The data from the reports enable to us to deliver better.

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