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Our play

Our engineers work with you to take you over the finish line during the data migration and transformation journey.

Database Migrations

  • Expertise in migrating database from anywhere to cloud-based databases such as Amazon Aurora, AWS RDS, Azure SQL, etc.

  • Expertise in migrating databases from anywhere to opensource databases like MongoDB, MySQL, CouchDB, etc.

  • Plan and implement database migration without downtime.

  • 24*7 support during and after database migrations.

Data Lakes

Stakeholders need data immediately to make a gain on the competitors. Having complex data architectures on data management doesn’t help the purpose.

  • Enable data teams in your organization with a scalable and serverless data lake such as AWS Kinesis that gives a highly- scalable and highly-available data backend.

  • Cherry pick key data workloads and use cases, define DONE and metrics.

Business Intelligence Dashboards

  • Create interactive dashboards and reports to track metrics, triggers and KPIs of your data.

  • Leverage our team to implement best platforms such as PowerBI, AWS Quicksight, Tableau, etc.

  • If customization is your preference, we will create a custom BI dashboard from scratch and deploy it for you.

Our Approach

Our standard process involves


Workshops are the main source where we will get to know the use cases that must be put on data lake. Also prioritize work items on data lake.


Implement pilots to test out the definition of DONE and metrics capture in a sanitized sandbox environment.

Bespoke Delivery

Customized delivery models to execute migration strategy which suits your requirements.

Live assistance

implement zero downtime during migration and prepare teams for post go-live success.

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