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Atomstate Implements hybrid DevOps pipeline for a power and utilities major in India.

The Client

The client is a major in power and utilities sector providing products such as meter data management (MDM), etc to its end consumers. Its end consumers were electricity boards (both public and private).

The Challenge

The client was looking for a solution to automate deployments to hybrid environments using a centralized devops pipeline. Their product technology stack was based on .NET and MSSQL database.

The team was building .NET artifacts and deploying the changes to client environments via FTP protocol. There was no visibility, no automation, and there were plenty of loopholes in their previous delivery models.

The mandate from the client was to construct a devops pipeline that can deploy to cloud and hybrid environments without any hitch. They didn’t want manual touchpoints and they wanted to automate as much as possible.

The Solution

Atomstate has implemented a hybrid devops pipeline using latest open-source platforms and tools. The platform has eliminated the bottlenecks associated with previous deployment models.

Our solution has specifically delivered the following

  • A hybrid delivery model - We have architected a hybrid devops pipeline that can deliver changes to cloud (aws) and end-consumer’s on-prem environment using a Jenkins pipeline. It was setup using industry standards such as pull-request trigger, code quality scanning, software provisioning, etc.
  • As-a-Code model - Terraform and Ansible played a major role in provisioning infrastructure and software required for hybrid pipelines. Using terraform, we configured computes, networking, site-to-site vpn connectivity, etc and version-controlled them in a git repo. Using Ansible, we have provisioned software and sanitized the environments (both cloud and on- prem).
  • Dashboarding - We have setup a central DevSecOps dashboard in Grafana by scraping data from multiple end points. This gave the higher stakeholders the data to analyze the impact of their initiatives. better.

The Impact

  • No more FTPing by the teams. The software gets built and delivered to environments of end consumers using a hybrid pipeline.
  • Enforced security and commit guidelines for the code and database.
  • Teams were delivering in agile fashion thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

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